1) The App

Your digital bobby on the beat

The INTEX247 app is your community hub, available on iOS and Android. It allows you to monitor what’s happening in your area, report suspicious activity, receive live notifications of incidents and request additional support, all in one place.

It covers everything which may impact the day-to-day running of your business:

  • Local crime
  • Suspicious activity
  • Crime predictions
  • Traffic disruptions
  • Weather and environmental
  • Local events e.g. football
  • Regional and national events
  • Terror warnings
  • Tips for keeping safe

Updates from organisations such as local council, emergency services, traffic reports and more.

All information can be easily viewed in a live feed, and on a map of your area. We take great care to ensure all reports are verified by our team of experts before going live.


2) On-Site

Reassurance and remote monitoring

When you sign up you’ll receive a FREE risk audit as part of our service. This will give you a clear idea of any immediate causes for concern which may be leaving you vulnerable.

Also included is a discreet camera with speaker which we’ll place in your premises. This means we can monitor your property remotely if you feel uneasy, giving you the reassurance you need in a troubling situation.

The speaker allows the INTEX247 team to give verbal warnings to suspects where you feel you need support.

3) In the Community

A trusted, local, friendly face

Your Community Engagement Executive will be the friendly face you see in your local area at business chambers, council meetings, networking events and of course popping round for a cup of tea. They will be your go-to person from day 1 of signing up, to listen to your concerns about the safety of your business and support you wherever possible.

4) On the Ground

Expert back-up when you need it

You will benefit from our additional protection services and support when you need it most. We have a pool of highly trained officers ready and waiting to help. Your county will also have it’s very own fleet of backup vehicles in case of incident or emergency, meaning we can respond and be on your door in less than 1 hour but often a lot sooner.

It’s important to note any criminal activity still needs reporting directly to the police. Our team ensures your property is safe and you’re OK. We’ll be there to put the kettle on, clean up any mess, make a plan so an incident isn’t repeated and we’ll check back in a week or so to check how you’re doing.


Protect your business.

Book a FREE Risk Audit with your Community Engagement Executive.

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